A very useful feature is the Advanced Search Form offered from plugin. You are able to search via every Book’s taxonomy and custom field.

Go to WordPress Dashboard > WooCommerce > Bookstore and press the second tab with title Advanced Search. In this screen you will see a table with all the custom fields you’ve created so far.

Use shortcode [woo_bookstore_advanced_search] to display the Advanced Book Search Form.


Columns explained:

  • Enable: check if you want this field to be displayed in search form
  • Name: this is the name of the custom field.
  • Label: the label of the input in the form
  • Type: there are three (3) types of output: multiselect, select and text.
  • Class: enter additional classes for the frontend
  • Autocomplete:check if you want this field to be autocompleted
  • Sort: drag & drop to define the fields order in the form

If you want to use advanced search in widget area you should pass another parameter like this: [woo_bookstore_advanced_search widget=1]