Since version our plugin is fully compatible with Loco Translate. Once you install Loco Translate plugin go to Loco Translate>Plugins and select WooCommerce Bookstore.

Then click on Setup tab and inside tab click Advanced Configuration.

Enter the following information:

  • Text domain: woo-bookstore
  • File prefix: woo-bookstore

and save configuration.

Now you are ready to add your language.

Select desired language.

Be carefull with the location you choose because what you do now might overwrite your own translations. We suggest not to use the last location plugins/woocommerce-bookstore/languages/*.po because this folder will be replaced when you upgrade WooCommerce Bookstore plugin. We suggest to use Custom or System location. Check /wp-content/languages/plugins/ folder if you have already a translation there. If yes choose languages/loco/ location instead.