How to translate plugin via Loco Translate

Since version our plugin is fully compatible with Loco Translate. Once you install Loco Translate plugin go to Loco Translate>Plugins and select WooCommerce Bookstore. Then click on Setup tab and inside tab click Advanced Configuration. Enter the following information: Text domain: woo-bookstore File prefix: woo-bookstore and save configuration. Now you are ready to add your […]

Can I export Books?

If you want to export your bookg please go to WooCommerce>Settings>Bookstore. There is a separate section where your are able to export your books in a csv format.

How to find a theme compatible with WooCommerce Bookstore?

Our plugin is compatible with every theme that supports WooCommerce. If you are facing issues you may do one of the following: Make sure that your theme is compatible with the latest WooCommerce version. You may find some useful tips here on how to choose a good WordPress theme. If you are a developer refer Documentation […]

How many products can Bookstore handle?

WooCommerce Bookstore comes with its own caching system for better performance. As you might already know there are plenty of parameters that might affect WordPress performance. If you are having problems, before starting reading hundreds of articles, refer here for some useful tips. Our plugin has been tested in a WordPress installation with approximately 10000 books. Results […]

Is it possible to import books using CSV or XML files?

Plugin does not have a built-in import functionality. This is because there are plenty of plugins with this ability. WooCommerce Bookstore is fully compatible with WP All Import plugin and you can setup a job to import Books in WooCommerce either using CSV or XML files.