Our plugin works with any theme compatible with WooCommerce. Please refer to Developers section for information about template structure. You may contact us if you need advanced modification. There are thousands of themes to choose for your website. That’s why we love WordPress! Unfortunately we are not able to test every single of them if there are […]


Sources and Credits

WooCommerce BookStore plugin uses:


This plugin is built for Developers. In this section we are going to explain plugin’s Template Structure and Action Reference. We are happy to hear your feedback in order to improve plugin’s Customization! Template Structure The plugin works with every WP Theme that supports WooCommerce. WooCommerce Bookstore though has its own template structure and lets you easily create […]


You are able to translate plugin using mo files. Plugin is fully compatible with WPML. In case you don’t want to use WPML and you simply like to translate your plugin in one single language visit section to see several ways to do it.

Settings: Bookstore

Go to WordPress Dashboard > WooCommerce > Settins > Bookstore. In this screen you are able to setup several Bookstore’s options. Book Single Page Enter settings for the Single Book page Author Settings Author settings for the Single Book page Publisher Settings Publisher settings for the Single Book page Permalinks Here you are able to […]

Advanced Search

A very useful feature is the Advanced Search Form offered from plugin. You are able to search via every Book’s taxonomy and custom field. Go to WordPress Dashboard > WooCommerce > Bookstore and press the second tab with title Advanced Search. In this screen you will see a table with all the custom fields you’ve […]

Custom Fields

Edit Custom Fields Go to WordPress Dashboard > WooCommerce > Bookstore. In this screen Shop Manager is able to manage settings for Book’s custom fields. Columns explained: Edit Product/Book Once you’ve finished go to edit product screen. WooCommerce Bookstore Plugin creates a new Product Type called Book. When Product Type Book is selected a new […]


The installation process is exactly the same with any other WordPress plugin. Install by ZIP File Install by FTP