How to choose the best WordPress theme

More than 40% of the websites today are using WordPress. This growth has led in the creation of a vast industry of companies offering WP Themes for Commercial use. By simply typing Premium WordPress Themes in a search engine you will see thousands of results offering numerous of options.

Unfortunately there are no guidelines describing which Theme is the best apart from some articles found in the web. So before you buy a WordPress Theme you should at least do the following:

Find Information about theme’s Author

One of the most important things in picking a good theme is its Author. Go through the web and find Author’s profile. Find how many themes the Author has been developed. Check about plugins as well.

Some big websites that host WP themes have a separate page for theme authors, giving very important information about them such as experience, average user rating, contact details e.t.c.. Try to prefer a team of authors and not only a single one.

Check for theme reviews

User’s feedback is one of the most trusted resources about a theme. Prefer Themes with high average ratings. Try to avoid themes with no reviews.

The changelog

Though theme’s changelog you are able to get very useful information such as:

  • How often is being updated. You should know that every WordPress plugin is very usually updated either to fix bugs or to add new features. In most of the cases this action affects in theme’s functionality and theme authors should always have their themes updated.
  • Current version of theme. As new theme versions are being released, more and more bugs are being fixed based on user’s feedback. Try to avoid picking new themes as it is very likely to have bugs that no one have came across yet.
  • New features. A good sign to recognize whether the Author is willing to keep its customers satisfied. Check every release to see if is anything new added in theme.

Check number of sales

Nothing to analyze here. Most of the times successful themes have large number of sales.

Compatibility with plugins

Look really careful list of plugins that the theme is compatible with. Most of the times Authors give a stable version of each plugin that the theme have been tested. If you are not sure about which version to install ask the Author! He knows better than anyone!


One of the most basic features for a theme. Try to avoid themes that aren’t multilingual ready.

“I do care if the theme is Multiligual ready because my website will be only in English…”. A common mistake for WP Developers is not to be ready for future updates/requests. Always take into consideration that in a future release you might came across with multilingual needs. That is the reason why you should pick a Multilingual Theme from the beginning.

Make a pre-sales question

A very smart move in order to check Author’s response times and to make some safe conclusions about support provided. Check your website’s specs and see if your theme is able to do what you need. If you are not sure about something simply ask Author!

Try before you buy

Most of the users don’t pay attention in theme’s preview although they provide useful information.

For example most of the themes claim to be responsive how sure you are about it? Take the preview link and visit the website from different browsers and devices. Browse through all the pages and check if something is wrong. A very common bug is when you switch from portrait to landscape.

That all for now. Happy to hear your experiences about WP Themes!

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