Support is being provided by WPini’s experts.

Typical support requests:

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  • How to do stuff with WPini
  • Theme compatibilities
  • Compatibilities with other plugins

All technical support is provided via our support forum. Support is provided between Monday and Friday. You can usually expect a response in 24 hours. Requests submitted Friday or on the weekends are usually not handled until Monday.

What’s NOT INCLUDED with WPini’s Support

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  • Fix Compatibility Issues With Your Server
  • Modifications in third party plugins

Fix Compatibility With Other Plugins and Themes

We always work on WPini compatibility with other WordPress plugins. However sometimes there are conflicts. If you’re having a problem that involves a different plugin or theme we can give you help in order to make it work. We cannot modify though third party plugins. For themes you are able to purchase this service in order to make your theme compatible with WPini’s plugins.

Fix Your Custom Themes

We’ll answer any question and help you get it right, but we can’t take your entire theme and debug it.

FTP and Admin Credentials

To troubleshoot the problem you reported you can provide us access to your WordPress admin, server FTP and Duplicator package. This information will be confidential. Once the problem is resolved the details you shared with us will be deleted from our records.