WordPress selective plugin loader

One of the most common problems in WordPress is the large number of plugins loaded in every single website page. Imagine you have a many plugins in your installation, thus every single one of them will be loaded every time a user requests a page from your website.

How many of those plugins though, are useful for a simple user? For example if you have WordPress Importer in your website is it useful this plugin to be loaded in the front-end?

In this article we are going to show how to selectively load plugins in every single page.

WordPress stores active plugins in wp_options table (the option is called active_plugins). If you want to see current active plugins simply call the following script:

Create a folder ( if does not exist ) in wp-content and name it mu-plugins



Now create a php file and give it a name e.g. custom-selective-loader.php. Inside this file paste the following code

Simply check if you are in a wp-admin page and if not do not load specific plugins! Follow this example to load specific plugins in every WordPress page!

Happy to hear your comments!