[box type=”note”]In order to get updates for our products you need to have a valid subscription in our website. For more information please contact us.[/box]

Once you’ve made a successful purchase go to your account page. There you are able to see all you Activation Keys for our products. In order to get updates you need to do the following:

[unordered_list style=”bullet”]
  • Download & Activate WPini Update Toolkit. For instructions on how to install a plugin, refer here
  • Once activated go to Settings>WPini Update Toolkit
  • In the displayed list find the item that you would like to activate automatic updates
  • Enter Key and Email that you’ve made the purchase. Those activation keys are available from your account page
  • Press Save
  • That’s it! Happy Blogging!
[/unordered_list] [box type=”info”]In case WPini Update Toolkit is already installed you simply need to enter new purchased Keys for plugin.[/box] [button link=”https://www.wpini.com/rest/WPini-Update-Toolkit.zip”]Download[/button]